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Athletic Optimization

Osteopathic manipulation performed by a qualified osteopathic physician (DO) focuses on the evaluation and treatment of the musculoskeletal system to prevent pain and injury due to sports-related issues. Spinal and myofascial realignment and returning those systems to their baseline and symmetrical position help the body to perform optimally. Elite athletes often rely on manipulation for peak performance. Tom Brady and Michael Jordan are two that utilized manipulation for weekly recovery and peak performance, and there are many others. Radial wave therapy is also emerging as a key in speeding recovery and optimizing performance.

Little League Team on Bench

Injury Prevention and Speeding Recovery

Manipulation has been found to decrease stress fracture incidence in male runners. Collegiate athletes that use manipulation as part of their wellness protocol have a decreased need for pain medication and less stress and anxiety related to injuries. It is also found to speed recovery time and decrease new onset issues in visual memory impairment after concussions

For radial wave therapy, a systematic review shows that it decreases pain, improves function, speeds return to play, and can prevent re-injury.

Osteopathic Manipulation Evidence

In rugby players, OMT increased heart rate variability and decreased mean arterial pressure. Increased heart rate variability signifies good cardiovascular health and resilience to stress.

In soccer players, OMT for groin injury significantly reduced the pain associated with the injury, resolved the injury in half of the participants, and did not require the participants to rest or miss any practices or games. 

In volleyball players, myofascial OMT was found to increase strength on squatting jump test and counter movement jump test as measured by Ergojump. This study went as far as to recommend OMT every 2 months in season to maintain fascial balance and efficiency.

Girls Doing Push-Ups
Young Athletes

Radial Wave Therapy Evidence

In a study of elite football players with muscle strains, tears, and contusions, radial wave therapy sped time to return to play.

Radial wave therapy used in conjunction with physical therapy results in minimal to no time away from sport, facilitating long term gains after injury and optimizing healing.

Focused shockwave and radial wave therapy are safe and effective for a large range of bone, fascia, and muscle injuries throughout the body. It is noninvasive, does not require anesthesia, and can be applied daily to speed recovery and decrease time away from your sport.

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