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An Every Morning In-Bed Stretch Routine?

Updated: Jun 2

My job is to realign the body to help patients heal from injury, but also equally important, for injury prevention. But you can do this 5 minute morning routine to prevent injury, yourself!

#Stretching helps to wake up the body and improve circulation, and sets the tone for a more calm, relaxed mindset. It prepares the body's musculoskeletal system for movement. Why not start your stretch routine upon waking, which will help you get out of bed more comfortably? No bouncing stretches, as this can lead to injury. Use slow, calm movements that are ideal for blood flow and flexibility of the connective tissue and muscles.

Here it is:

Flex Your Joints

Start by flexing your legs and grabbing your knees while lying on your back. Roll out your ankles to wake up your feet.

Next, let go of your knees and raise your feet toward the ceiling, flexing your knees slowly. Lastly for the legs, keep your feet in the air and roll your ankles out again.

Sit up as tall as possible and turn your head left and right to look straight at opposing walls as possible. Keeping your head straight, roll your shoulders to the front and back. Now arms reached out front and curl your arms up to touch your shoulders. After those curls, keep your arms straight and flex and extend your wrist, attempting to point at the ceiling and then the floor. Finally for the arms, open and close your hands from stretched as much as possible to soft fists.

The Stretches

Hold each of these for 15-30 seconds.

Lay on your back and extend your fingertips toward one wall and toes toward the other like you're being pulled in different directions.

Next, two hands on one knee and pull it into yourself with the other leg straight. Then the other knee.

Now with your leg straight, hands behind one knee with the other leg straight, repeat on the opposite side.

Lay on one side and grab the foot if possible to stretch the front of your leg. Flip sides and repeat.

Next is known in Yoga as a Cobra stretch. Lie on your stomach, hands at chest level and push up lightly but leave the hips on the ground.

Last is Child's Pose. From Cobra, push your bottom to your feet, stretching your arms and upper chest.

Have a great day!

-Michael P Betler, DO, MSBE

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