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Concussion recovery with Osteopathic Medicine

Updated: Jun 2

A #concussion can be a devastating injury. A concussion occurs with a hit to the head that makes the brain bounce of the inside of the skull. This is what is called a mild traumatic brain injury, or #TBI. Approximately 2.5 million people are treated and released with TBI every year! Symptoms from concussion can be physical (dizziness, fatigue, nausea, etc), memory-related (brain fog, forgetfulness), social/emotional (sad/depressed, anxious), and can also cause sleep disturbances. After you've been seen and evaluated, it's important to have a multidisciplinary care team taking care of your concussion recovery.

Osteopathic manipulation (#OMT) has been found to be a great complement to established care. A study of student athletes showed a significant reduction in symptom number and severity when OMT was added to concussion recovery. Including OMT in concussion recovery has also been found to significantly improve reaction time, processing speed, and visual memory when OMT was applied to concussion and head injury that had occurred within two weeks of the treatment.

OMT is a safe, effective complementary treatment in concussion recovery and can speed an individual's return to normal activity when used in conjunction with objective testing such as IMPACT or qEEG.

What can OMT do for you? Don't wait to see if symptoms resolve on their own. Speed your post-concussion recovery. Book your insurance-based appointment online at or call 203-651-5090. All ages treated.

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