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An osteopath applies gentle pressure to correct suture movement and improve flow through the main venous sinus of the brain

#Craniosacraltherapy is a noninvasive, gentle treatment of the head, neck, and back to normalize the flow of fluid through the brain and spinal cord. The skull is not an immobile object! The sutures that connect the bones of the skull have hinge movement to help the fluid flow around the brain and down around the spinal cord. As the brain is the control system for the whole body, normalizing this flow can treat numerous issues such as: #migraines, bowel issues like #IBS or #constipation, #sinusissues, #postconcussivesyndrome, pain from #trauma due to whiplash, #anxiety and #depression as well as other #mooddisorders, #fibromyalgia, and has even been researched in treatment of #seizures. The most common side effect from treatment is mild discomfort.


Fibromyalgia and anxiety were studied with evaluation of anxiety, pain, quality of life, and Pittsburgh sleep index (an objective sleep quality measure) and rated at 10 minutes, 6 months, and 1 year after Craniosacral therapy. The study showed that treatment was superior to placebo except at one year, though the sleep index still showed improvement at one year. This shows that therapy helps in all measures studied, but likely needs ongoing therapy around every 2-3 months to continue its benefits.


#Neckpain can be associated with headaches and migraines, and comes as a natural consequence of looking down to stare at our phones and computer screens. The ergonomics naturally have a negative effect on the muscles and connective tissue wanting to hold our head in its natural position but being strained past its inherent structure. Craniosacral therapy has been shown to significantly alleviate pain on movement, functional disability, physical quality of life, anxiety, and the patient's assessment of their improvement. It also at least partially helps with pressure and pain sensitivity and improves body awareness. Also, it should be mentioned that no adverse events or side effects were reported!


Randomized controlled trials are the gold standard for evaluating whether a therapy or medication works or not. A protocol evaluated by a group at the University of Valencia in Spain did just that. They found that compared to sham, or fake treatment, craniosacral therapy significantly reduced pain, frequency of episodes, improved functional and overall disability, and decreased medication intake. And the results were maintained at 4 and 8 week follow up. Ongoing treatment can maintain these improvements.

Come see what #osteopathicmanipulation can do for you. Our gentle hands-on techniques can help with many issues. Understand that full treatment may need multiple and/or ongoing maintenance visits, but we provide insurance-based care. Book an appointment online or call 203-651-5090 today!

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