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Fight Brain Fog with Craniosacral Manipulation

Updated: Feb 24

#Brainfog can really hurt your quality of life. It can cause mental cloudiness, confusion, and lack of clarity. People who are experiencing brain fog often find it challenging to concentrate, remember information, and perform cognitive tasks that would normally come easily to them. This phenomenon can manifest as a feeling of mental #fatigue, sluggishness, or a sense of being mentally overwhelmed.

Managing brain fog often involves addressing its root causes. This may include adopting lifestyle changes such as ensuring adequate sleep, maintaining a balanced #diet, staying hydrated, and managing #stress through relaxation techniques or counseling.

If you are experiencing persistent brain fog, we recommend trying

craniosacral manipulation at Bodywork Docs.

Craniosacral manipulation, also known as craniosacral therapy (CST), is a #holistic approach that involves gentle touch and #manipulation of the bones in the head, spine, and pelvis. Evidence suggests that #craniosacral therapy mobilizes cerebrospinal fluid, which is the fluid that cushions the brain and spinal cord. A slight pressure is applies to the borders of the cranial (skull) bones, and a small amount of pressure is applied to distract the head, neck, and spine. This treatment is entirely #non-invasive and safe, when performed by our board-certified physician.

The osteopathic principle is based on the concept that cerebrospinal fluid has a rhythmic pulse, and that imbalances or restrictions in this pulse can lead to various health issues, including brain fog.

CST may help alleviate brain fog by addressing tension and restrictions in the tissues surrounding the central nervous system. The gentle manipulations applied during the therapy are believed to release restrictions and improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, potentially promoting better communication within the nervous system.

CST has been shown to benefit people suffering with:

tension headaches

temporomandibular joint dysfunction #TMJ

neck and upper back pain

low back pain

#whiplash injury or other head injuries

and brain fog

Book your insurance-based osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT) at Bodywork Docs today and gain a powerful ally in battling brain fog, or any of these other conditions.

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