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Osteopathic Bodywork for Non-Surgical Pain Management

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Osteopathic manipulation is a #nonoperative technique for #painrelief. It utilizes the body's muscle, bone, and connective tissue to restore the body to symmetry and optimal function. We know that the organs can cause #musculoskeletal dysfunction and vise versa. Through osteopathic #handson therapy, your body can be restored to symmetry and you can feel better on multiple levels.

#Osteopathy uses both direct and indirect techniques. I work with the individual to determine a #customized treatment plan that works best and is focused in the area #pain.

A person can seek out OMT to treat many different issues:

#Musculoskeletalpain is the most common. Most commonly these are #lowbackpain and #neckpain, but Osteopathy can also treat things like #carpaltunnel syndrome and can help speed recovery by soothing sore muscles and relieve acute #musclespasm.

#Chronicpain can be a bit more difficult to treat, and typically requires multiple visits. But by using #handson treatment to loosen chronically tight musculature and the connective tissue surrounding the musculature, most chronic pain can be at least partially relieved, and #OMT has been shown to decrease the amount of pain medication used in both #acutepain and chronic pain.

#Pregnancypain, #postpartumpain, and #meunstralpain can be lessened or relieved in two ways. The initial approach would be musculoskeletal, assuring realignment of the tissues surrounding especially the sacrum, pelvis, and neck. The other important approach is correction of the #parasympathetic system and calming any overactivity of the #vagusnerve and its delivery of impulses to the abdominal organs, which include the gut and uterus.

#Headaches and #migraines are another typical target of osteopaths. By treating #craniosacral dysfunction and returning the muscles and fascia of the neck and head to a more relaxed state, these conditions can be lessened and/or relieved.

#Irritablebowelsyndrome has been found to have a friend in osteopathy also. While autoimmune diseases like ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease cannot be healed with OMT, the inherent motion of the gut can be corrected with gentle abdominal techniques as well as the parasympathetic reset techniques utilized for abdominal or pelvic cramping.

Remember, OMT is another form of #complementarymedicine that can be utilized in conjunction with any treatment. There are minimal to no side effects when delivered by a trained #osteopath!

Frequency of treatment varies and is mostly based on whether you have pain, discomfort, or mobility issues. Not everyone will improve with the first treatment, but the improvement rate is somewhere around 50% will need one treatment, 30% will need two treatments, and 20% will need three. As always, our services are #nonpharmacologic and #insurancebased.

What can OMT do for you? Book your insurance based treatment with Dr Betler today online or call 203-651-5090 for more information. Patients who are unable to make our office hours will be accommodated to the best of our ability.

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