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Practice being ambidexterous now. Thank me later ;)

Updated: Jun 2

Being ambidextrous ( having the ability to use both hands with equal skill) can be advantageous for so many reasons. Ambidextrous individuals can seamlessly switch between tasks, whether it's writing, drawing, or playing sports, without the constraints of handedness. This flexibility lends itself well to dynamic environments, where being able to perform tasks with either hand can be a considerable asset, some even say, a superpower!

In sports, ambidexterity can be a literal game-changer.

#Athletes who are ambidextrous have a competitive edge, as they can maneuver and shoot with either hand, making them unpredictable and harder to defend against. In activities like basketball, tennis, or martial arts, it can significantly improve the athlete's performance and competitive edge.

A less obvious, but even greater advantage to ambidexterity is that it is associated with improved brain function and cognitive abilities. Research suggests that #ambidextrous individuals may have more efficient communication between the brain's hemispheres, leading to better problem-solving skills, creativity, and cognitive flexibility. This cognitive advantage can translate into all aspects of life, from academics to professional endeavors, where the ability to think outside the box and adapt quickly is highly valued.

But our number one reason to practice ambidexterity is this:

Reduced risk of overuse injuries.

Since ambidextrous people distribute tasks evenly between their hands, they are less likely to strain or injure one hand from repetitive motions, also known as #overuse injuries. This balance in hand usage will help preserve your joints, tendons, and ligaments, particularly in occupations or hobbies that involve manual labor or repetitive tasks.

At Bodywork Docs, we recommend beginning to practice ambidexterity today. And this doesn't mean grabbing a kitchen knife and practicing slicing apples with your non-dominant hand! Start out with safer tasks like brushing your teeth, practicing your signature, etc. with your non-dominant side. And then incorporate it into your day-to-day life so that before you know it, you too will have the superpower of ambidexterity!


About the Writer:

Anu Kurra, MD, is a board-certified physiatrist with a passion for #holistichealing and #lifestylemedicine. She and her husband, Dr. Michael Betler, opened Bodywork Docs in Westport in 2022, with the goal of guiding people towards healthier and longer lives.

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