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Shockwave Therapy Significantly Speeds Shin Splints Recovery

Shin Splints can be a significant source of distress

Shin Splints, officially named Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, is a common malady in runners that can be a significant source of distress and can delay training. They are traditionally treated with rest, ice, stretching, compression, and a graded running program. The expected minimal healing time is 2-4 weeks with at least 1 week of rest recommended to initiate the healing process. I have dealt with these in the past, and can tell you from primary experience they are not fun!

Enter Shockwave Therapy. This therapy is a runner's (or walker's) friend. It is FDA-approved for achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis and FDA-cleared for all other pain related to the muscles, tendons, and bones. For shin splints, recovery time was significantly decreased in a study evaluating a graded running program only as compared to a graded running program plus shockwave. This study was done with 5 treatments over 9 weeks and showed patients recovered 32 days (!) faster with shockwave therapy. Our recommended treatment course is 5 treatments weekly for 5 weeks, with more treatments as indicated.

It's not just runners. A case study of four ballet dancers that underwent a combination of shockwave (once weekly for six weeks) and stretching showed the dancers were able to continue their program and at six months after treatment, only one of them had mild discomfort during high intensity rehearsals but was able to continue. A study of military cadets found that a single application of shockwave treatment was able to significantly decrease pain from shin splints.

And the best result of all of these treatments is that there were no adverse events or side effects reported!

Shockwave therapy is noninvasive, does not require pain medication or anesthesia, and takes about 7-8 min per treatment area for musculoskeletal pain. For the two more months, until May 31, I am offering an introductory price of $50 per treatment area per session. Treatment area is one body part on one side. Recommendation for treatment length is at least 5 treatments, once weekly for five weeks, but the length of treatment is ultimately up to the patient and the results experienced. More or less treatments may be recommended depending on results.

Book at or call 203-651-5090 today to schedule your evaluation and treatment and let us help you on your path to healing!

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