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Shockwave Therapy now available at Bodywork Docs

Shockwave Therapy Device

Bodywork Docs is now offering #shockwave therapy! This FDA approved and FDA cleared therapy is increasing used for faster recovery by professional athletes and is translating into a therapy that can help patients avoid surgical intervention and heal pain points that have been unsuccessfully treated by other means, such as steroid injections, with more lasting results. Approximately 90% of all acute and chronic pain associated with the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues are resolved with this nonsurgical intervention.

The type of shockwave offered at our practice is officially known as #EPAT, or Extracorporeal Pulsewave Activation Treatment. It typically consists of three phases of treatment. First, a vibrating device is used to calm the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the area. Second a wide area is prepped using the pulsewave device, and provides a bit of analgesia, or numbing pain relief, to the area to be treated. Last, the area of greatest pain is treated with a focused pulsewave. There are times such as with sore muscles and for enhanced recovery without a trigger point that just step two is necessary. The result of this treatment is typically an instant reduction in pain, and multiple treatments provide lasting pain relief where other treatments have failed, or where it may help avoid surgical procedures.

There are many indications for shockwave therapy. In future blogs, I will discuss more detailed pain points, but as a for instance:

Adhesive capsulitis, known to most as a frozen shoulder, can be a very devastating issue. The mainstay of treatment is #nonoperative and includes shockwave therapy.

For the next three months, until May 31, I am offering an introductory price of $50 per treatment area per session! Treatment area is one body part on one side. Recommendation for treatment length in studies is for at least 5 treatments, once weekly for five weeks. A sixth treatment may be necessary and will be determined as treatment progresses.

Book at or call 203-651-5090 today to schedule your evaluation and treatment and let us help you on your path to healing!

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