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  • Radial Wave Therapy

    The Storz Duolith SD1 Ultra Radial Wave device (also known as shockwave therapy) emits radial pressure waves into injured tissues, resulting in increased blood flow and growth hormones, and producing new healthy tissue growth. This cutting-edge treatment is non-invasive and safe, promoting faster recovery after tendon or ligamentous injury, and reducing pain associated with inflammation and arthritis. Experience the benefits of RWT at an affordable rate at our convenient Downtown Westport location. This non-invasive treatment is administered by our licensed physicians. 5-6 visits are recommended for maximum benefit. Please note that this is a cash-based treatment, and is not covered by insurance. Payments are accepted online in advance of appointment, or in-person at the time of your visit. All major credit cards accepted, as well as HSA debit cards. We work hard to keep our prices as accessible as possible. When possible, please provide at least 24 hours notice for any appointment cancellations.

  • OMT session

    Dr. Betler's expert skills can realign your spine, relax tense tissues, and achieve your treatment goals, all in a brief visit without medications. Book an OMT session if you are looking for relief from pain or irritable bowel, craniosacral therapy, or athletic optimization. Please wear athletic-type clothing. This hands-on technique employs treatments similar to chiropractic medicine and massage therapy. Our practice employs a virtual medical assistant to be present during the visit to ensure everyone's comfort. Results vary from person to person. In most cases, a series of visits will be needed for maximum benefit. On occasion, only one visit will be necessary to achieve goals. All major insurances are accepted. Please note that you will be responsible for copays prior to visit. You may receive a bill through the mail if insurance denies payment or does not pay in full. Affordable cash option available if preferred. Contact us for more details.

  • OMT and Radial Wave

    Pair your OMT appointment with radial wave for one area. Prices as per individual appointments, cash or insurance for OMT plus cash payment for radial wave.

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