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The Docs

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Drs. Mike Betler and Anu Kurra are a husband and wife team of plant-based physicians who are devoted to responsible medicine.


Dr Betler's passion is performing osteopathic manipulation to quickly and effectively realign the body to optimal positioning.  He has used OMT on inpatients and outpatients alike to improve lymphatic drainage, treat irritable bowel syndrome, and resolve pain due to poor alignment, amongst many other conditions. He is also board certified in lifestyle medicine and has been working in longevity and optimized wellness for Marek Health. He brings this knowledge to the practice to help patients become their best self. Dr. Betler is also a general surgeon and travels to underserved US hospitals for a few days a month to provide emergency care.

Dr. Kurra is a local rehabilitation medicine (physiatry) specialist. Her love for hands-on treatments paired with her desire to keep people active and mobile as they age, brought her to Bodywork Docs. She focuses on holistic treatments and lifestyle counseling to solve musculoskeletal problems. 

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